Desert Musings

Tim Kaine, Democrat Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and losing Vice Presidential Candidate showed the world this past weekend why we should all be very glad that he wasn’t elected. Appearing on NBC’s uber-left “Meet The Press”, Kaine explained to the world that no president should be able to start a war on their own (they can’t), or shoot missiles at another nation (they can) without congressional approval.

He went on to say that it’s ok to shoot missiles at another country if you’re doing it for humanitarian reasons (huh?), if there was, you know…a plan. But apparently Kaine doesn’t think that there is a plan for what Donald Trump did by launching missiles into Syria after it became public that Bashar al Assad was once again using chemical weapons on his people. That apparently wasn’t  a “humanitarian” reason because the United States wasn’t being threatened by it.


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