H/T Freedom Daily.

What looks like an ordinary pack of smokes turns out to be a stun gun.

During a routine traffic stop in Georgia, a Kennesaw Police officer noticed the driver had a common pack of cigarettes in his car and didn’t think much of it. Later, he discovered what it really was and now a nationwide alert has been released to let everyone in America know what it is since it turned out to the last thing he expected and a first for the police force.

On the department’s social media page, the officer described what began as a normal request for traffic and registration and soon turned into a scenario where the driver was asked to get out of the car. Once outside his ride, he became increasingly more desperate for a smoke, or at least for the box he left behind in the car. Drug use was not suspected, nor was it was narcotics that were the cigarette box that he was so desperate for. What it was being used for actually turned out to be the last thing on the cop’s radar and was in the man’s possession for a very specific reason.

“The answer was no. In the end, the only ‘smokes’ found was the item in the video,” Kennesaw Police said in a statement made after their important video went viral, the Daily Mail reported.

In a demonstration video produced by the police department, a cop is seen holding what looks like a typical pack of Newport cigarettes. Nobody would think twice about this sight until they see what’s on closer look, which could happen after it’s too late, especially if you’re a police officer. The box concealed a weapon designed for use on police officers, so someone could sneak an attack on them in an attempt to get them out of a ticket or arrest.

At first, it looked like just any cigarette package, but then an officer pressed a button on the side of the ‘box’ and an electrical charge shot out the top,” the Daily Mail reports. This covert little tool is actually a tazer, advertised for use on police officers and can be purchased for just $50 online.


“You would be surprised at the type of weapons that have been made to look like ‘normal items’,” the officer continued in his statement. “So, forgive us when we seem to act ‘too rigid’ and ‘mean’ when we say no to your request to ‘smoke’ or ‘make a phone call’ with your phone… We’re just trying to make it home at the end of our shifts like everyone else,” he added and he makes a good point.

Innovative technology and ideas have evolved to a point that makes officers jobs even more dangerous than before. This comes at a time when anti-cop rhetoric is at an all-time high after Barack Obama perpetuated it during his Black Lives Matter-supporting presidency. However, not just cops need to be aware of this hidden danger.

Just because these are becoming popular for use on law enforcement, doesn’t mean a thug or someone with bad intentions won’t use them on other civilians to commit their crimes. If someone strange asks if you want a cigarette, all they would have to do is press the side button to taze you once you come in for one.

Furthermore, knowing these things are out there and potentially other unknown tools, should squelch people’s questioning of cops and their requests during a stop. These demands are not about abusing authority, it’s about keeping themselves and others safe.

It’s important to be aware that these things are out there and think twice before taking a cigarette from someone you aren’t sure about. More importantly, it shows that the attack on cops is getting increasingly clever.