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The Muslim Question

It is a standard motif in Western (Cowboy) novels and movies. A cowboy is shot, and before healing can begin, the bullet must be removed. Once the projectile is obtained, the wound is sterilized and cauterized. Soon, the Cowboy is back on his feet, ready to take on the bad guys.

Western Culture has a similar scenario that plays out repeatedly. In this analogy, the bullets are Muslim attacks. The “bad guys” are the Muslims themselves. Most of us from the West, unfortunately, have short memories and little historical awareness. Our “enemy” in the 20th Century, at least in our memories, was Hitler and the Nazis (and their Japanese allies), and once they had been dispatched, the focus turned to the Soviets. Admittedly, there was much evil there, and it was certainly right to oppose them, but historically speaking, the major enemy the West has faced has been Muslim invaders, who…

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