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Was there any difference between her little snippet below and her usual muddled thought processes?

I don’t believe so, Nancy Pelosi is, has been, and always will be a complete fool and idiot.

She doesn’t belong in congress she belongs in a rubber room.

Yep, she belongs on 24 hr. lock down.

When she sleeps at night this is the only sound she should be allowed to hear.(Source)

April 26, 2017

Nancy Pelosi’s mission on Tuesday was to give a brief speech and not renew questions about her health.

She couldn’t do it.

During Pelosi’s brief 7-minute speech to Refugees International, the House Democratic Leader garbled names, other words, and even mispronounced countries.

She congratulated honorees for their well-deserved “resc — recognition.”

Pelosi complimented Refugees International’s “strong moral varce — voice.”

She said…

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