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Three pieces of ghetto trash wreck a store run over the store manager that foolishly followed them out of the store.

They need to be caught and locked away.

At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, three women pulled up to a drive-through window at a Michigan convenience store. Before it was over, the store was trashed and the store manager was in the hospital — suffering from a broken pelvis, fractured leg, and bleeding on her brain. And it was all caught on surveillance video.

As reported by Fox 17, the whole thing started when one or more of the unidentified women began arguing with the manager, identified only as “Kristina,” about prices.

An employee of T&J Party Store, “Jose,” told the station:

“They were arguing about the price or something like that, like the price was changing or something. So the owner gave them the bottle to check everything and she just got tired of dealing with it so she closed the window.”

It was then game-on.

In the video, the women can be seen walking into the store and confronting the manager at the check-out counter. They then storm out — tearing down shelves along the way. Jose told Fox 17 the manager started chasing them.

“One of the two girls who came in after said ‘well we’ll give her something to get mad about,’ and they started pulling down the shelves of the snacks. […]

They pulled the shelves and that’s when Kristina started chasing them because they started running.”

The parking lot surveillance video revealed what happened next.

After the manager chased the women to their SUV, she was knocked to the ground by the vehicle and run over. Jose suggested Kristina is fortunate to be alive.

“I found her on the ground, she was laying there. If it would’ve been a few inches further they would’ve run over her stomach, so it was lucky that it wasn’t and it was just the legs otherwise it would’ve been worse.”

Fox 17 reported late Friday night that no arrests have been made in the case, nor have the suspects been identified.

The Kentwood, Michigan Police Department asks anyone with information about the incident to call 616-698-6580 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.