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Gabby’s last active brain cell has died.

Empty can Gabby Giffords and her doofus husband Mark Kelly claim they are huge supporters of the 2nd Amendment and yet spend all of their time and other people’s money pushing for unconstitutional gun control. Speaking of things that make no sense, the Giffords/Kelly anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions have unveiled a new ad campaign to further restrict our right to keep and bear arms.

What theses gun-grabbers did was a create a gun control poster and printed it on bullet-proof Kevlar to make a pointless point.

“This poster stops bullets because our gun laws don’t” reads the poster.

I hate to break it to Gabby because she has that hole in her head, but no law is going to stop a bullet. The only thing laws stop are law-abiding people from breaking the law. She could get her wish and only rich liberal elitists are allowed to have guns and criminals will still get them and still use them for bad things. A law will never stop criminals from committing crimes.

The video for this ad campaign is just as dumb. It starts out by announcing:

Every year in the United States 50% of private gun sales are conducted without a background check

Really? The liberals used to say that 40% of all gun sales were made without a background check, but that number has been debunked so many times even the most clueless of liberals had to stop using it. Now, somehow this debunking has Giffords raising the number to 50%? That’s not how things work. When your lie is exposed, you don’t come back with a bigger lie.

The video features dumb people saying dumb things like “It’s harder to drive a car than to get a gun.” I guess that’s maybe true for really inept people, but generally driving a car is quite easy, while getting a gun requires paperwork, scrutiny, and of course fees.

The video shows this bullet-proof poster getting shot several times with a .44 magnum. The poster then goes on tour around the country and one point being displayed in front of the White House. Isn’t it considered a threat to put something riddled with bullet holes in front of the place where the President of the United States lives? I guess it would have been a threat if Obama still lived there, but now that Trump does, anything goes.

At some point there is a brief interview with a lawyer who represents people illegally possessing firearms and he complains that more should be done to keep guns out of the hands of people who should have them. That is a perfect example of liberalism right there.

My favorite line in the video comes from a completely hairless (no eyebrows or nothing) goofball who says “Guns in the wrong hand have large long range consequences. What’s more import is, people that legally can’t have a firearm shouldn’t have a firearm.”

If they legally can’t have a firearm and they still do, what makes him think any additional legislation is going make them suddenly not have guns they aren’t supposed to have? Again, this is liberal logic at its finest.

The video ends with the goofiest of all the goofballs claiming that he’s a gun owner and he fully supports more gun control. I call bullshit on this for a number of reasons. First, watch the video and tell me if you think that guy really owns guns. Next, this was shot in either NYC, Chicago, or possibly Washington DC, all places where gun ownership is frowned upon. Lastly, everything else in the video is a lie, so why would this one thing be true?

The point of this campaign is to close non-existent loopholes and require background checks on all firearm transfers. Interestingly enough, the guy who shot Gabby Giffords in the head, Jared Loughner, passed a background check and purchased his firearm legally.