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Ever wondered why CNN is registered as entertainment and not as news? These 20 epic fake news fails will explain why.

Have you ever wondered why CNN is registered as an entertainment channel and not as news? After digesting these epic fake news fails, the answer should obvious. 

20. CNN says it is illegal to read WikiLeaks: 

CNN did their best to pretend WikiLeaks didn’t exist for the majority of last year’s election campaign, but when the noise generated by alt-media became too loud for them to ignore, they wheeled out Chris Cuomo who fixed the camera with his best hypnotist’s stare and told viewers not to read WikiLeaks – ‘so everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.”

19. CNN fakes interview and interviews own cameraman: 

Unable to find an interview subject who believed in Hillary Clinton, CNN resorted to filming an embarrassing fake interview with a CNN employee who gave an Oscar-worthy performance as an actor. What were we saying about entertainment?

In the studio, Don Lemon realized the PR fallout…

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