H/T Keep And Bear.

This is a good start for the state of South Carolina.

I have never understood why some states do not recognize other states’ concealed carry permits. That is almost like saying they will not recognize drivers licenses from other states, either. It simply does not make sense. It is a government issue ID, so why is it not accepted everywhere in the country?

South Carolina house members are taking steps towards changing that, for their state anyway. They have voted to recognize permits from states that, in return, recognize SC’s permits. This would include all but 10 states, who do not acknowledge permits from any state but their own.

Post and Courier reports:

The bill was amended on the floor to grant reciprocity only with states that will recognize the permits of South Carolinians and was approved by a 85-23 margin.

Spartanburg Republican Rep. Eddie Tallon said he sponsored the amendment to grant “true reciprocity,” meaning the state only accept the permits from the states that accept South Carolina’s.

But bill sponsor, Rep. Alan Clemmons, R-Myrtle Beach, urged for lawmakers not to get hung up on the word “reciprocity,” and instead vote to grant recognition of the permits of all states.

“True recognition is better because it takes us closer to the standard of the Second Amendment,” Clemmons said. “Again I remind you, this bill is top priority nationally for the National Rifle Association.”

The move comes as gun reform activists have sought to strengthen the state’s laws, many targeting the errant background check process that allowed convicted Emanuel AME Church shooter Dylann Roof to buy a pistol two months before killing nine worshipers inside the Charleston church in 2015.

Bills that would either lengthen the waiting period when purchasing a gun or stiffen penalties for those caught carrying the weapons illegally have yet to get initial consideration from lawmakers

If the new gun permit reciprocity bill becomes law, concealed weapons permit holders ages 21 and older from up to 16 states could be recognized in South Carolina. South Carolina already has reciprocity with 23 states.

In addition to those with permits for concealed carry, the bill will also grant any active member of the military, even under 21, the ability to carry whether they live within the state borders, or not. Under the current law, permit holders must be at least 21.