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Perhaps if Mayor Ballerina Emmanuel would explain to the gangsters that AR-15’s have been banned they would surrender them to him.

I mean after all Chicago has some of the most toughest gun laws in the nation.

Chicago has very easily become the laughing stock of the liberal anti-gun movement in recent months, but for Chicago police, it’s no laughing matter.

The city first enacted their controversial gun ban over 30 years ago, with many Americans furious over the Illinois capital’s decision to limit the Second Amendment within city limits.  The public outcry predicted a massive gun violence epidemic to come, with arguments paraphrasing the anecdote regarding “only outlaws having guns” in every possible combination of words.  The unbelievable affront against the right to bear arms even spawned mocking legislation as far away as Kennesaw, Georgia, where a law was implemented stating that every home owner must own a firearm and the ammunition to go with it.  While the southern city’s ordinance was meant as an insult to Chicago’s errant lawmakers, the measure did reduce violent crime in the city by leaps and bounds.

Now, decades later, the buzzards have come home to roost, in terms of Chicago gun violence.  The city is known as the murder capital of the United States, far surpassing any other locale, and has sadly earned the nickname “Chiraq” for the violence permeating the Windy City.

And it’s not just citizens who are falling victim to the preventable nonsense…

“Chicago Police believe members of the notorious Mexican street gang La Raza used an AR-style rifle to carry out a brazen attack on Tuesday that left two plainclothes officers wounded and touched off a citywide manhunt.

“Gunmen shot up an unmarked police van with a handgun and a .223 caliber rifle, most likely an AR-15, department sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Police say both officers were shot with a “high-powered weapon” — one in the hip and arm and the other in the back. The officers were released from Stroger Hospital on Wednesday after receiving treatment for non-life threatening wounds.

“’It’s a miracle the officers are still alive,’ said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

“The pair were investigating a prior gang-related shooting in the city’s Back of The Yards neighborhood on Tuesday night when two cars pulled up alongside the police van, according to police. Without warning, occupants of those vehicles fired ‘indiscriminately’ into the van before speeding away.”

Unfortunately, this sort of incident is becoming commonplace in Chicago, as law abiding city residents are continuing to adhere to the city’s gun ban.  This leaves only criminals patrolling the neighborhoods of what was once one of America’s most incredible cities, and, finding no resistance from an armed populace, have continued to impose their will on civilians and authorities alike.

Until Chicago fesses up to their decades-old mistake, they are unfortunately cursed to live through this nightmare of violence.