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It’s the uneducated voter who votes for progressives who put the entire situation into play.

The school involved like many in the United States have been infiltrated by CAIR, one of the many propaganda arms of The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Islam, in its teachings from the Qur’an, is all about control. (Source)

The same can be said the progressive movement that now dominates what was once known as the party of the democrats.

As Islam continues to further metastasize into America it will likely be the same progressives who fall first to Allah.

Louder with Crowder

Courtney Kirchoff 

May 14, 2017

San Diego School Teaches Pro-Islam Curriculum: This Patriotic Father has NONE of It…

San Diego Unified School District’s is, apparently, partnering with the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to develop “a multi-tiered approach to combating Islamophobia.” In other words, teach Islam in public school.

Yes, the same…

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