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Make to mistake about it, Michael Flynn was not Fired by Donald Trump, he chose to resign as National Security Advisor.

He is one of a dwindling number of flag officers who put’s “Duty, Honor, and Country before his personal ambitions.

When the unhinged attack dogs from the left began making unsubstantiated allegations his position was rather than slow down the Trump Administration’s quick start to begin turning the country around he would not hamper their efforts.

Make not mistake about it.

Retired General Flynn is under no obligation to help the feds. make their case. 

Now it’s up to them to “Put or Shut up.”

Our Founding Father’s knew exactly what they were doing when they penned The Fifth Amendment.

THIS JUST IN: Comey wants to speak with former F.B. I. Director Comey before he testifies.(Source)

One would think, Special Prosecutor Mueller would want to avoid the…

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