The Big News Everyone Missed: Brennan Acknowledged They Were Spying on the Trump Campaign

Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan yesterday told a House committee that he was concerned that the Russians might be able to turn some of Trump’s people — in other words, corrupt them — and convert them into spies for the Russian Federation.
That’s what, Brennan said, the CIA and the NSA had to monitor them. Now, to me, this is new. This is Brennan. This is the Obama administration suggesting they were worried the Russians were gonna convert a bunch of dimwitted Trump associates into spies.

Now, Brennan’s the former CIA director for Obama. He voted for the communist candidate for president in 1976, a guy named Gus Hall. I think he is a Muslim. It has been said that Brennan converted to Islam at some point in his life. I’m…

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