H/T Breitbart. 

This is rich coming from a disgraced pathological liar like Little Danny Blather.


On Thursday night’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” former CBS “Evening News” anchor Dan Rather said President Donald Trump was “psychologically troubled.”

Rather said, “From the outside looking in, it seems clear that he is mad. He has some rage. He’s scared. What he did do with Russia narrative is closing in on him. Still, the investigation is about his tax returns are closing in on him. He just came back from this European trip, and he was angry with the leader of Germany, Ms. Merkel, and the new leader of France. So what you have here is a president who is lashing out in anger. We haven’t had a president this psychologically troubled–I’m trying to use my language real carefully. We haven’t had a president this psychologically troubled in this way since at least Richard Nixon.”