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Political Correctness is killing America.

Katy Perry suffers from what I call terminal dumbass you know the kind of stupidity that can get you killed.

The only way to stop these goat humping followers of The Pedophile Mohammed is to hunt them down and kill them like the rabid vermin they are.

Political Correctness Is Literally Killing Our Children

-(Ammoland.com)-  It seems like every week there is some type of Islamic Extremist attack either in the US, Europe, or Asia.
These despicable attacks kills multiple people every time they happen.  At the attack in Manchester, England a sick and twisted monster set off a nail bomb at an Ariana Grande concert.  Over 22 people died in the attack, including kids as young as 8 years old.
The suicide bomber, who was a son of refugees, did it in the name of Islam.
This attack brought out an outpouring of sympathy across the globe, but it also brought out the social justice warriors who are more worried about people trying to place the blame of this evil attack on Islam than the kids who were killed in the attack.  Katy Perry took this opportunity to give her naive solution to the problem by insisting that we “need to co-exist” with these monsters.  Not only was her solution, to the greatest threat of our time, co-existing, but she also proposed that we can stop son’s of refugees from blowing up kids by getting rid of borders, and “to love one another.”
What Ms. Perry doesn’t understand is that the people wanting to do us harm do not care about her “love”.
They also don’t care about borders.  They sure as hell don’t care about co-existing.  All they care about is killing innocent people in their sick and twisted quest to get their 72 virgins and ascend to paradise as a martyr.  Ms. Perry has been indoctrinated by the PC culture that has spread like a plague throughout the western world.
This PC culture pushes the narrative that it is better to be politically correct than to be safe.  What these PC warriors don’t understand is that we will never be safe until we call out those that will do us harm.  The biggest threat we face as a country is radical Islam, but to the social justice warriors just by pointing this fact out makes you an “Islamophobe”. They argue that the terrorist are not really Muslims at all and their cowardly attacks have nothing to do with Islam.  They also bring up events, like the Spanish Inquisition, that happened hundreds of years ago.
The fact is that these terrorist are real Muslims, and they are killing in the name of Islam.  Islam has a pair of cancers named  Wahhabism and Salafism.  These two extreme forms of Islam are being exported all over the world by our so called “allies”, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, through the funding of extremist mosques and madrassas.  [President Trump is making headway to change this with our allies.] These forms of Islam are turning the calendar back to the dark ages in the Middle East, and this is what they want for the rest of the world.  Islam in itself isn’t bad, but these two forms of Islam are death cults.
Beirut used to be known as “The Paris Of The Middle East”.  Now it is a war torn city due to the rise of these extremist factions of Islam.  Paris is now becoming the “Beirut Of Europe”, due to the same factors, whether it is a car attack, gunmen, or knife attacks on trains.  Europe is in dire peril.  It seems like every week there is another terrorist attack somewhere in Europe.  This is what the future of the US looks like if we let the SJWs (social justice warriors) run the show.
The PC culture likes to say “if we only gave them education and jobs we could stop terrorism.”
The lack of education and jobs is what they blame terrorism on, and they believe we can defeat terrorism by providing education and jobs.  They believe that these terrorists are not members of a death cult due to a twisted version of Islam, but that isn’t what the facts show.  In fact the facts do not support this at all, and show the opposite.  A study published at Cambridge University, by Alexander Lee, not only disputed this idea but it showed that terrorists are half as likely to not be in poverty than the general population they stem from.
Also an abnormally high number of terrorists have engineering degrees.  Even the left wing, New York Times ran an article called The Madrassa Myth which looked at the education of terrorist.  What they determined is not only did most have advanced degrees, but most terrorists were from middle class to upper middle class families.  Admitting this would put the blame of terrorism on radical Islam so the PC crowd ignores these facts, and if you happen to bring it up, they will call you a racist or a bigot.
The labeling of someone as racist or an Islamophobe is the left’s way of shutting down opposing ideas.  We have seen this with campaigns against conservative host such as Sean Hannity on Fox.  This have also been seen on college campuses with groups like Antifa trying to prevent people like Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gavin McInnes from speaking on campus.
So how can we expect the people that are against liberty and freedom to accept reality?
The reality is that sometimes violence is the answer.  The PC people do not want to accept the fact that these evil monsters do not want to co-exist. No amount of education is going to solve Islamic Extremism.  No amount of money is going to solve Islamic Extremism.  These people don’t care about those things.  They don’t care about life.  The only thing they care about is killing as many innocent people as possible.  The only way to defeat them is to stop worrying being PC and just kill them.
We, as conservatives and libertarians, need to stop worrying about being labeled.  Just being one of those two things is going to get you labeled anyway.  We need to speak the truth and call a spade a spade.  We will never win this struggle for our children’s lives by being PC.  We will only win by being real and speaking the truth.
The time to push back is now.
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