Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

June 13, 2016

Of course, he would.

Jeff Sessions humiliated theDemocrats who tried to intimidate him with their, “Asked and Answered,” questions.

They did their best to trip himupbut to no avail.

Had I been Attorney Sessions on the Democrat’s grill it’s a safe bet I would have said the following:

With all due respect Senator, I’ve answered your question 3 times during this hearing, do you have a comprehension deficit?

Again, Senator, have you ever taken the time to read the U.S. Constitution, and if so why don’t you understand it?

Was reading a post-graduate course you failed to take in college or are you simply inordinately ignorant?

Attorney General Sessions, crushed the Democrats today and it’s highly unlikely that he will return to another of their dog and pony shows, i.e. hearings ever.


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