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I bet Little Schmuckie Schumer is crapping in his pants.

President Trump can get the Supreme Court back on the right path.

..justices typically hire four clerks, but only one if they are considering retirement…”

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has re-ignited speculation that he will soon retire, a decision that could allow President Donald Trump to drastically alter the makeup of the Court.

After a feverish round of speculation in late June that Kennedy would retire, the Supreme Court broke for its recess last week without a retirement announcement from the Ronald Reagan appointee.

Although justices have no set rules governing when they can express their retirement, the last day of the 2016-2017 Court term was speculated to be a likely time for such an announcement.

However, rumors that Kennedy might be retiring soon surfaced upon news that the justice, who turns 81 in July, has not hired law clerks for the term that begins in October 2018.

Additionally, Kennedy is telling those who are applying for clerkships that he may retire soon, according to NPR.

The protocol for hiring clerks is that each justice gets four clerks, though they only hire one if considering retirement, so that their other existing clerks can find positions with other justices.