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I hope Loretta Lynch, Slick Willie, BathhouseBarry and Hildabeast get locked up.

The Obama administration was never a presidential administration, it was a crime syndicate!

The former Obama administration Attorney General and racist attack dog, Loretta Lynch, testified last year as to how she came to the partisan decision to not prosecute then Democrat candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified emails when she was Secretary of State. Although she said under oath that she never spoke to anyone on the Clinton team she conveniently forgot to mention her so-called chance meeting with former President Bill “sexual predator” Clinton on the tarmac of the Pheonix airport. Bill Clinton didn’t earn the nickname “Slick Willie” for nothing when he was Governor of Arkansas.

What makes matters worse for Lynch is that now the House Committee is investigating her conduct after ousted FBI Director James Comey publicly, and under oath, stated that she tried to actively influence the way he discussed and referred to the email probe. He told him to call the investigation a “matter” rather than to say the truth, which was that is was a full blown investigation.

Ousted FBI Director James Comey had previously told legislatures that he “struggled” on how to handle the email probe because a large number of things that had gone on at the same time. He added that that fact made him worry that Justice Department could not credibly complete the Clinton investigation and would decline prosecution dealing serious damage to the American people’s trust in the American justice system.

Fox News Reports:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Sunday said she “regretted” her controversial tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton this summer while the FBI was still investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a secret server for her emails during her tenure as secretary of state.

While Lynch has never portrayed the June 27 Phoenix meeting as anything other than a cordial encounter, the lengthy tete-a-tete onboard Lynch’s plane immediately raised questions about whether she – or the Justice Department – could be impartial in the Hillary Clinton investigation. Just days later, FBI Director James Comey called Hillary Clinton’s actions “extremely careless” but declined to recommend charges.

“I wish I had seen around that corner and not had that discussion with the former president, as innocuous as it was, because it did give people concern,” Lynch said on “State of the Union.” “It did make people wonder, ‘Is it going to affect the investigation that’s going on?’ and that’s not something that was an unreasonable question for anyone to ask.”

Asked why Clinton sought out the meeting with Lynch, the outgoing attorney general declined to speculate.

“Well, I can’t say what President Clinton saw or thought because I wasn’t in communication with him before that,” Lynch said. “I don’t know what was in his mind.”

Lynch played off the length of the conversation – reported to be around 45 minutes – as being a by-product of Clinton’s loquaciousness. She joked with host Jake Tapper that Clinton “is a talker.”

“And our conversation went on a lot longer certainly than I had anticipated, because it was just going to be ‘Hello, how are you?’ and everyone was just going to go on about their evening,” Lynch said.

But Lynch acknowledged the perception created by the private summit was a problem. Republicans frequently brought up the meeting and President-elect Donald Trump made it a staple of his stump speech as the November presidential election approached.

“I do regret sitting down and having a conversation with him because it did give people concern,” Lynch said. “And as I said, my greatest concern has always been making sure people understand the Department of Justice works in a way that’s independent and looks at everybody equally. And when you do something that gives people a reason to think differently, that’s a problem. It’s a problem for me. It was painful for me.”

Three days after the meetings, amid mounting questions, Lynch tried to take herself out of the equation, saying on July 1 that she would accept whatever recommendation career prosecutors and Comey made regarding bringing charges.

Let’s not be naive here folks. Anyone who is over the age of 5 can clearly see James Comey was about to indict Killary Clinton. This would end her political career on the spot. But instead, the pervert that is the former beloved President of the left Bill Clinton met with Lynch in what was a planned meeting on that tarmac in Pheonix. It’s pretty obvious that BJ Clinton then offered this hack the bribe that she could stay in as attorney general after Cackles Clinton won if she made the whole investigation go away. Hense why Lynch then ordered Comey to watch his language when referring to the Clinton probe.