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This is the same old tried song the DemocRats have been singing for decades time for a new song.

DNC chair Tom Perez and RNC chair Ronna McDaniel faced off to debate health care reform on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday, with Perez saying, “people will die if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.”

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd asked what could unify both parties and make voters more comfortable about moving to the center of the political spectrum. McDaniel took the question as an opportunity to criticize Perez.

“With all due respect when Tom [Perez] saying Republicans don’t give a BLANK about anyone. When he goes around and says that about the other party, I know Democrats care about other people … that type of rhetoric doesn’t bring people to our parities,” McDaniels said.

The RNC chair was referring to an incident in January when Perez said that “Donald Trump didn’t win the election” and “Republicans don’t give a sh-t about people.”


“He [Perez] should be ashamed of himself for insulting the millions of Americans who don’t share his liberal vision for our country, McDaniel said in response to Perez’s original comments. ” The Democrats are the minority party because of comments like those, and if he thinks this is the way back from the wilderness, he’s sorely mistaken.”

Todd asked Perez if he regretted the comments.

“Here’s the problem. I meet people who are worried to death because this Republican repeal bill is not a health care bill,” he said. “It’s a tax cut bill for the mega wealthy masquerading as a health care bill.”

McDaniel jumped in to confront Perez for not answering the question and Perez shot back that “people will die if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.”

McDaniel described his answer as rhetoric that was “0ver the top.”

Perez called the healthcare issue a “five alarm fire” and suggested Republicans are adding gasoline to help put it out.

“You don’t fight a five alarm fire with only a gallon of gas,” said Perez.

Congress is currently deciding whether or to push a “repeal and replace” of former President Barack Obama’s signature law or to repeal the ACA then build a replacement plan going forward. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already shot down the idea of a flat out repeal, causing a fracture in the Republican party over how to deliver on their top campaign promise.