H/T  Breitbart California.

Playing the race card is getting real stale.

Black Lives Matter activists in Los Angeles are suggesting the series of commercials comprising the NRA’s campaign for truth constitute a “public call” that incites “gun-toting racists.”

According to the Washington Times, LA-based BLM activists released a video saying:

We’re talking about our lives here. When the NRA issues a public call to their constituents inciting violence against people who are constitutionally fighting for their lives, we don’t take that lightly. We know that we are not safe, but we are not scared, either. We will continue to produce media, teach students, march and protest to not only protect the First Amendment as fiercely as the NRA protects the Second [Amendment], but to protect our lives from gun-toting racists.

The video’s narrator uses the language of “us” vs. “them” to mimic the NRA’s description of the left as “them” and the NRA’s explanation of how the left uses “their” media to assassinate the truth. The narrator implies that President Trump is the opposition’s president, elected as part of a “law and order administration” that allows “them”—meaning police—”to shoot first, to make them ask questions to later, make them scream ‘I thought he had a gun in his hand’ and ‘I feared for my life’ and ‘he matched the description of a suspect.’”