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You can’t make this silly kind of stuff up.

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While all the talk seemed to be about Melania’s heels as she and her husband boarded the plane to Texas, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington was busy attacking Trump for wearing a “USA” hat while he was in Texas supporting the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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As @realDonaldTrump leaves for Texas, he makes sure he’s carrying the hats he’s been advertising–yours for just $40 on his campaign website

It’s wholly inappropriate for the WH to distribute photo press releases of the POTUS posing in campaign merchandise https://thinkprogress.org/trump-uses-natural-disaster-to-promote-his-hats-9cc7929b9868/ 

Photo published for Trump uses natural disaster to promote his hats

Trump uses natural disaster to promote his hats

Questionable timing.


CNN Money reports that, according to CREW, Trump is advertising his campaign merchandise when he wears the infamous “USA” hat on outings and is, therefore, violating ethics rules. Jordan Libowitz, a spokesman for CREW, said, “Even removed from the hurricane, it’s pretty inappropriate.” Libowitz goes on, “There is a difference between what is technically legal and what is ethically right.”

Here are some pictures of Trump’s hat, which is apparently controversial:






President Trump plans to return to Texas on Saturday to visit areas hit heavily by the hurricane and flooding following the storm, according to the Washington Examiner.