H/T Fox News Insider.

It is refreshing to see the DOJ enforcing the law instead of ignoring or even breaking the law.

The legislative director of the NRA said the Trump administration has undertaken a “fundamental change” when it comes to going after illegal guns.

The Justice Department is on pace this year to prosecute the most illegal weapons cases since 2005. There have been more than 2,600 illegal firearm charges this year, up 23 percent from last year.

Chris Cox said on “Fox & Friends” the Trump administration is respecting the rights of legal gun owners, but addressing the illegal guns behind murders in inner cities like Chicago.

“Nobody wants to turn on their TV and hear about another record-breaking week for murders in Chicago and more violent crime in cities like Baltimore,” said Cox.

He faulted former President Obama for continually targeting the rights of law-abiding gun owners after each mass shooting.

Cox said Obama’s legacy will be “forever stained” by his policies, accusing him of “turning his back on law enforcement.”

He said Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushed a gun control agenda while the city ranked at the bottom of all federal jurisdictions in the number of illegal gun prosecutions.

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