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New Jersey is in a tight race with New York to become the next Commiefornia.

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) will not go down in history as one of the best Governor’s our nation has ever seen.

The 2nd-half of his tenure has been particularly rocky, but interestingly, he could still be the best Governor New Jersey has had in more than 20 years. This sad realization, should immediately be met by another sad realization… as unhappy as conservatives are with Christie these days, whoever comes next in New Jersey will probably be worse… Much worse.

The possibility of electing another anti-freedom, pro-big government leftist as Governor already has state level Democrats salivating at the possibilities.

The one issue they seem to be zeroing in on is guns.

Chris Christie was hardly the most ardent defender of the 2nd Amendment, in fact, he upheld many of the ugliest most unconstitutional practices that New Jersey anti-gunners have long enjoyed. However, compared to his state’s Democrats, Christie looks like a crazed “gun nut.” Over his time as Governor, Christie has vetoed over a dozen different anti-gun bills that the Democrats had hoped to pass into law, and now they plan to finally get those bills passed.

In a recent interview Democrat New Jersey Senate Majority leader Loretta Weinberg (D) voiced her hope that Democrat Phil Murphy would be the next Governor of New Jersey, and if he wins the legislature will be ready to send him a glut of anti-gun bills.

Weinberg hopes they become law next year, if Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy is elected governor. He has pledged to sign all the gun bills Christie has rejected. Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno doesn’t support additional gun laws in a state with among the strictest laws already.

“I’ve already told Ambassador Murphy — hopefully he will be the governor — I have at least 20 bills ready the day he walks in that have all been vetoed by Gov. Christie,” Weinberg said.

20 Bills! 20! The Democrats have more than 20 different anti-gun bills ready to go if a Democrat wins the next statewide election. If I lived in New Jersey this quote would be all the reason I would need to vote GOP in the next Gubernatorial election.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society has a guess at what some of those bills might be:

Assuming Weinberg means the same bills that were previously vetoed – Murphy will essentially be banning all semi-auto rifles, instituting a magazine capacity limit of 5 rounds, mandating home inspection for gun owners, requiring psychological evaluations to own a gun (you have to pay for that by the way), and probably much more we don’t know about, if elected.

Unfortunately, at least for law-abiding gun owners, Christie isn’t going to be around forever to veto the endless stream of nonsense coming out of Trenton.

What have we come to when we realize that we’ll actually miss seeing a moderate Republican, who refuses to stand up for conservative principles, in office? If the Democrats do succeed in winning the next race for Governor, gun owners may need to seriously rethink their decision to make their homes in the Garden State.