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Conservative Media needs to stop covering CNN as nobody watches CNN other than about 3 brain dead liberals. 

There are a number of layers to the liberal “resistance” movement aimed at President Donald Trump, and not all of them are civil.

Well before the results of the 2016 were fact, a number of Americans treated the candidacy of Donald Trump as though he were the unfortunate antagonist on a reality television show.  Trump was awarded not a solitary ounce of credibility with the mainstream media, with a great majority of the punditry brazenly laughing when his candidacy was merely mentioned.

Of course, that has changed slightly in the 7 months since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.  There still exists a nasty and unrepentant “resistance” to the very idea that Donald Trump is our Commander in Chief, however, the vitriol has seemingly calmed a bit.  No longer are we seeing Kathy Griffin-esque displays of gratuitous violence aimed at the Oval Office…

…or so we thought.

“CNN counterterrorism analyst and former CIA agent Philip Mudd said on air ‘the government’s gonna kill’ Donald Trump because he disrespected the deep state.

“Mudd subsequently clarified that he meant the phrase metaphorically, but the comments have caused alarm amongst Trump supporters.

“’Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy,’ said Mudd.

“’He defends Vladimir Putin, there are State Department and CIA officers coming home and at Langley and in Foggy Bottom CIA are saying, this is how you defend us?’ Mudd added.”

Mudd’s comments are from the first to suggest that President Donald Trump could meet an untimely demise.

rump’s possible assassination has been a theme for the radical left in the last 7 months, as they continue to push the concept into the mainstream.

Donald Trump’s unconventional presidency has been plagued by extreme leftist rhetoric.  Not only has Trump been the recipient of a litany of death threats, but the businessman-turned-politician has been forced to endure an unprecedented “resistance” to his reign that has resulted in a stagnation the likes of which Washington has never seen.