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How many of our cousins across the pond die before the laws in the U.K. change?

Most of America’s legal traditions come to us by way of our historical connection to the United Kingdom. Our laws are outgrowths of English Magna Carta and the old Common Law which still dictates legal proceedings throughout the UK and former British colonies.

Sadly, while the United States has doggedly gripped our traditional English rights, our cousins across the pond have forgotten their own history and have allowed their government to take back many of the rights and privileges the people had fought so hard to secure.

Last year in an interview with BBC News, UK gun owner Callum Long-Collins explained that modern Brits are even afraid of defending themselves in their own homes, because the worry that the law may punish them for hurting a criminal who has broken into their home! “Criminals are, I think, laughing at us at the moment. They know a lot of people are scared to do anything offensive in their home because of the repercussions,” he told the BBC.

Long-Collins went on to explain that the government had been attacking the problem of gun violence from the completely wrong angle:

“Every time there’s an incident the government go after legitimate licence holders, tighten the rules up and force a few more people out of the sport,” rifle instructor Alan Warren says.

Following the 1987 Hungerford massacre, in which 14 people were killed, semi-automatic “centrefire” rifles were banned. Ten years later, after a lone gunman killed 16 children and a teacher at a primary school in Dunblane, handguns were made illegal too.

Warren claims these incidents were the fault of poor police checks rather than the guns being legal, and that the perpetrators should never have been granted a licence in the first place.

“A gun is no more dangerous than your car. If it’s driven badly and used wrongly, it’s dangerous. You can go out and have an accident in your car – they don’t then ban all cars.”

Added to this milieu is the rising rate of radical Islamic terrorism within the UK. Many Britons are beginning to realize that if they happen to be caught in a dangerous situation, they have no hope to defend themselves, and they cannot wait for authorities to arrive. This terrifying reality is leading more and more citizens to demand that the UK’s gun laws be loosened up to allow law abiding citizens the opportunity to be able to defend themselves.

Gun rights advocates like Firearms-UK, Arm UK CitizensLegalise Guns in the UK, and England Wants Its Guns Back have begun agitating for changes to the draconian laws that disarm citizens. After a terrorist attack in June Firearms-UK too to their Facebook page to explain:

Yup another attack featuring motor vehicles and knifes. More innocent people injured or killed and still our government won’t change our self defence laws and classifies bloody pepper spray as a section 5 firearm!!! Remember they have the 24 hour armed bodyguards protecting them while they continue to sell the lie that firearms are not suitable for personal protection and continue to harass legal gun owners.

They can’t guarantee your safety but deny you any means to prepare for your own safety.

Controversial? Yes! The truth? Yes.

I make no apologies for this and you should be writing to your MPs and challenging our corrupt immoral system stop trying to appease the people that don’t care about us.

The big question is will enough British citizens remember that they’re no longer “subjects” of a far-away monarch, but they’re citizens endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among those rights is the absolute right to defend one’s life and property from malevolent outside forces.

Wake up UK. Your life is your own, stop relying on the government to take care of you… because they will fail.