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YGTBSM A car being driven by a racist loon rams in to a crowd so we need more gun control.

I say it is time for automobile control especially assault cars like the one in Charlottesville.

Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

On August 12, Everytown for Gun Safety pushed for more gun control in connection with the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally where attendees were attacked with a car.

CNN reported that one attendee was killed and 19 were injured as 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly accelerated his vehicle into the crowd in Charlottesville.

Everytown focused on the fact that open carry is legal in Virginia and some of the attendees were openly armed:

With open carry, there’s no way to know if someone armed with a rifle is a reason to duck and cover. (3/5)

And it ties law enforcement’s hands from doing anything about it — until shots are fired and it’s too late. (4/5)

And on August 13 — the day after the car attack — Everytown tweeted a quote from a University of Virginia professor, who commented on the violence at the rally, saying, “When so many demonstrators come out armed, it only takes one to ignite a fire.”

Again, one person was killed and 19 injured in a car attack in Charlottesville. Guns were not used. But Everytown is using the violence to push gun control.