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This is a wise decision that these teachers made because in an emergency you may not be able to get your gun out of the safe.

After the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, some state lawmakers realized that it takes law enforcement too long to respond to an active shooter at a school. By the time police arrive (7-15 min.), most of the carnage has been done.

Therefore, they saw the need to allow school staff (teachers and faculty) to be properly trained, obtain conceal carry permits and to carry their guns with them during school hours. This would allow them to instantly respond to an active shooter and save lives.

Additionally, knowing that teachers and faculty could be armed, serves as a deterrent to would be mass shooters. They don’t want to face armed resistance until after they commit their crime.

Some have argued that it is safer for guns on school grounds be kept locked in a safe, but when asked that’s not what Ohio teachers thought.

“Why conceal guns on the body instead of in a safe? ‘It’s ultimately about putting people in place to protect the house. We hope and pray it would never be us, but at the end of the day, we have to be ready in seconds and not minutes.’” – Georgetown Exempted Village Schools Superintendent Chris Burrow in Guns in school [via mydaytondailynews.com]

21 Responses to Quote of the Day: Ohio Teachers Opt for On-Body Carry

FedUp says:

August 15, 2017 at 08:10

And in another district, select staffers can shelter in place, retrieve their weapons from their safes, and be prepared to deal with the shooter when he’s already cleaned out a couple of other classrooms. (from the linked article)…

Keeping guns in a safe during school hours is a really stupid idea that only demonstrates how little some anti-gun liberals value the safety of your children. Think about it. If an active shooter begins shooting, no one may be able to safely get to and open the safe to retrieve their gun to stop the shooter. Additionally, trying to reach and open a safe to retrieve a gun wastes valuable time that could cost the lives of more students and teachers.