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Screw these liberal loons this is a private school and the parents gave their permission to allow their child to go to this range.

I am taking my daughters to a range and getting them firearms safety training and I am also signing them up with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. 

Let me begin with the basic facts of this story that you need to know.

First, a private school in Cherokee County, Georgia organized a field trip to a local gun range for their 1st and 2nd grade students. They did this because the students were studying Annie Oakley and the trip gave the students a hands-on opportunity to understand the historical figure they were studying. Secondly, every student on the trip had been given permission to go by their parents/guardians. The school made sure that parents had signed permission slips giving their children permission to attend the trip. Thirdly, some leftists are upset about pictures of the students handling guns at the store/range. These guns are all unloaded and if you understand the operation of guns, you also understand how difficult it is for a child as young as these to hurt themselves with these firearms.

So why are liberals so enraged about this entertaining school field trip?

Who knows?

Here’s what the owner of the school had to say about the backlash she and her school have faced:

“Due to the recent media attention I thought that I’d give everyone the facts.

These were FIRST and SECOND graders – NOT preschoolers. The parents were informed of the trip beforehand and we had signed permission slips the day of the event.

This was a lesson on our country’s history- that is in their GA approved curriculum about Annie Oakley, Pecos Bill and Davy Crockett. Our goal was to show the students that it was very difficult for Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett and Pecos bill to be able to accomplish the things that they did.

This WAS NOT a lesson on guns. The only guns that were shown were a 1894 Winchester rifle and a 6 shooter from the same era.

And lastly- and more importantly for the last 7 years we have sent EVERY SINGLE preK student home before Christmas READING!!

Holdheide is an AMAZING place that does fantastic things for children. The teachers love these kiddos and go above and beyond each and every day. We are SO HONORED to spend our day with them!”

The owner of the school, Tammy Dorsten, told the local media that the trip went fantastically and that the students had a wonderful learning experience, which is why she posted the pictures to the school’s Facebook page.

“It was a fantastic experience for them, and it was an education experience. It’s such a same that every other kid doesn’t have the opportunity to have. Whether the girl was holding it correctly or not was not the point of the picture. The point of the picture was for her to feel the weight of that and realize what Annie Oakley would have done in an educational experience.” She ended up pulling the posts after the nasty backlash they provoked from the unhinged left. “The posts were deleted because of the nasty comments put from people not even in this community. I was shocked, that people were that upset. I was shocked that people didn’t call me that they wanted to use profanity first.”

Folks, let’s say this together. Guns are not bad. They are a tool for humans to use in an effort to defend their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and their property. There is nothing wrong with a child handling a gun, especially when being taught about their power and their risks. We need more gun education, not less.

Perhaps it’s time for the left to stop being so prudish when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

Children allowed to handle weapons on field trip to gun shop
Children allowed to handle weapons on field trip to gun shop

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