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It seems Micheal Moore isn’t as stupid as he looks and acts.

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Film director Michael Moore really hates President Trump. With a passion.

Moore doesn’t really even accept that Trump is president.

Hey loser-you LOST. You lost on Nov 8 & you lost on Friday. You hold fake power that was not given to u by the majority of Americans. Loser. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/891397134662193152 

And he thinks Trump is worse than Armageddon.

“Donald Trump Will Get Us All Killed, Warns Michael Moore, Liberal Filmmaker” http://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-will-get-us-all-killed-michael-moore-liberal-warns-652146?amp=1 

Photo published for Donald Trump might just get us all killed, Michael Moore says

Donald Trump might just get us all killed, Michael Moore says

“There’s nobody in charge. This man has the nuclear codes. I’m hoping somebody in the Pentagon is protecting us,” Moore said.


But Jabba the Director is also a fairly savvy watcher of politics. Way back in July 2016, Moore penned “5 Reasons Trump Will Win.” And he was right.

So it’s interesting that the hard-left maker of films that often bash America predicts Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

“I should say re-appointed, because we will have an even larger population that will vote against him in 2020,” Moore tells Fast Company. “But he will win those electoral states as it stands now.”

As dire as Moore’s prediction is – and let’s not forget that he was one of the few people who foresaw a Trump victory – he has a plan to change how it stands. His [anti-Trump Broadway] show is an attempt to generate the momentum and activism he thinks we need to shift the facts before the next election. “Here’s the good news: We don’t have to convince a single Trump voter to vote differently because we already have the majority,” Moore says, pointing out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

But she lost the electoral college by 77,000 votes in total in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and despite a movement afoot now to abolish the electoral college, it’s unlikely that is going to happen anytime soon, Moore says.

That said, he believes the National Popular Vote interstate compact, an agreement between states to award all of their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote, could succeed as a workaround if we can convince enough state legislatures to pass it in time. So far, it has won approval in 10 states and Washington, D.C. – the agreement will only be enacted once states delivering a total of 270 electoral votes have signed on, and it’s still far from that goal.

“That’ll be an easier way to get this done,” Moore says. “People should not despair, thinking, well, the Republicans have all this power and all that. Think of the suffragettes. They were trying to get the vote for women. They got [the 19th Amendment ratified] in 35 states to give women the right to vote. Think of that uphill battle.”

Moore also laments that “eight million Obama voters voted for Trump. We just need to convince a few of them — hold out our hand and bring them back. Can we do that? I think we can do that,” Moore says, “You know, there were seven-and-a-half million that voted Green or Libertarian. I think we can convince a few of them to come back. We don’t need to convince a whole lot here.”

he filmmaker says it might all be up to the youth of America.

“Every year 3 million 18-year-olds become adults and [potential] voters, and we raised those kids,” Moore says. “We’ve raised a generation of kids who don’t hate people on the basis of race, or they don’t hate somebody because they’re in love with somebody of the same gender.”

And Moore is working hard to dethrone Trump. He’s starring in a one-man show on Broadway right now, “The Terms of My Surrender.”

“You do make a difference,” Moore insists, urging everyone in his audience to run for local office and work up to higher office, Variety reported. “I refuse to live in Trump’s America!” he swears, bringing the event the closest to a political rally. “Trump goes!” (wild applause) “Pence goes! (more thunder).”