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Alix Hines

Police say a suspect who tried to rob a Fresno, California, Starbucks in July is now suing the man who stopped him from committing a crime, according to NBC affiliate KSEE.

Fresno Police say 30-year-old Ryan Flores, who remains in jail on a felony attempted robbery charge, walked into a Starbucks wearing a “Transformers” mask and demanded money from the barista.

Surveillance video of the incident shows 58-year-old customer Cregg Jerri sneaking up behind Flores with a metal chair in his hand. The situation quickly escalates after Jerri strikes Flores with the chair.

During the heated altercation, police say Flores stabbed Jerri in the neck. But the tables quickly turned on the would-be robber when Jerri wrestled the knife away from Flores and stabbed the suspect multiple times, our affiliate KMPH reports.

Although law enforcement hailed Jerri a hero, the robbery suspect’s mother…

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