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An interest development for munitions.

An international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway has announced the development of a revolutionary new form of ammunition designed to make the difficult task of destroying drones far less likely to cause collateral damage.

“Known as ‘programmable ammunition’, this new technology makes it possible for any larger gun to fire shells that can be programmed to explode with pinpoint accuracy, either before, above or inside a target,” the company, Nammo, announced in a news release Wednesday.

“Adaptable to several weapon platforms, including 40 mm grenade launchers, 30 mm guns, 120 mm tank ammunition and M-72 rockets, this makes the technology ideal for dealing with a number of different threats, including drones.”

Especially drones, in fact. Because of their small size, drones tend to be very hard to hit. And what happens if a shot at a drone misses its target? The ammunition keeps flying until it hits something. But not anymore.

“This threat is virtually eliminated with Nammo’s programmable ammunition, as it will explode where intended, independent of whether it has hit its target or not,” the release explained.

Suppose a soldier intends to fire a 40 mm grenade at a drone that’s floating 30 meters away from him. He would simply program the grenade to explode once it travels 30 meters. If the grenade hits, then great, target eliminated. If not, it’ll simply explode in mid-air, after which its fragments will tumble to the ground. That will lessen the danger for the soldier’s comrades who might otherwise have been in the grenade’s flight path.

Additionally, given the accuracy of the ammunition, it has a good chance of either detonating or disabling any explosives or weapons that the drone may be carrying when they hit, further reducing the danger to infrastructure or personnel below,” Nammo added.

Good point. Watch a demonstration of Nammo’s programmable ammunition in action below: