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Be advised the video at the link below is not safe for work due to the foul language.

This woman I use the term loosely is a disgusting piece of ghetto trash.


While a vast majority of Americans respect and support veterans, there are still many twisted people out there who show complete disrespect to those who sacrificed for their country — and even act like lunatics around them.

One video has started to go viral on the internet showing a woman absolutely losing her mind because a veteran in a restaurant had a service dog with him, Popular Military reported.

The woman in the video is screaming about how “disgusting” the animal is, and stating that the restaurant should have a separate section for those with animals.

It’s nasty to me” she yells. “There should be a separate section for a f***ing animal!”

Actually what was really nasty was her behavior. During the entire incident, the dog acted better than she did.

You can watch the video hereWARNING, video contains strong language.

During the nearly three-minute long tirade, the veteran was actually trying to stop people from fighting back against the crazy lady. He maintained an air of calm that was absolutely remarkable.

“Record me!” the woman screamed at one point. “I don’t care. Like I said, it’s disgusting to have an animal inside of a public restaurant.”

At one point a man, who may have been the woman’s boyfriend, comes over and tries to get her to leave with him, but it doesn’t work. Other than that, her male companion does nothing to support her — he just looks wildly uncomfortable.

The woman’s entire rant is dotted with expletives. At one point, a man who was apparently in charge of the restaurant came over and screamed at the woman to get out. Soon after, the woman did leave.

We have it on tape, you can request it, b****,” said a restaurant worker, who slammed the door after the woman and her companion left, and locked it.

Watching this video really raises some serious questions as to whether woman was drunk, high or both. She was acting completely unhinged just because there was a service dog in a restaurant.

This woman wouldn’t listen to reason, instead she just got furious whenever people tried to explain why the veteran had the dog. It’s a real shame that he had to experience this.

The only bright side to the video was seeing practically an entire restaurant rally behind the veteran  to defend him against this woman’s hatred — even though he tried to get them to not engage.

That’s the kind of support American veterans deserve.