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Officer William Jenkins is to be commended for his efforts to help this woman.

When a woman was pulled over by a Virginia police officer, she was asked to do something she never expected. Now, it’s going viral.

Chu-Niece Thacker, an African-American woman, was on her way to an interview on Sept. 1 when Officer William Jenkins pulled her over.

As she fumbled in her purse for her driving information, the Henrico County police officer gave an order she would’ve predicted.

Don’t worry about pulling anything out,” he said. “I just want you to know your brake lights are out.”

This surprised Thacker, as her brake lights were repaired less than a month before.

That’s when Jenkins surprised Thacker again; he asked her to pop the trunk so he could take a look.

He checked the lights in the trunk and tapped them, but they didn’t come on. So he told me to pop the hood to check the relay box then asked me to get out to check the other one,” Thacker wrote in a Facbook post.

Thacker said that while the officer could have easily given her a ticket, he did something better — he went out of his way to help her.

“He’s going above and beyond his position, he didn’t have to do that,” Thacker told KLEW-TV. “He said, ‘I care more about your safety than giving you a ticket.’ I thought, ‘He’s an angel, he’s a blessing.’”

Jenkins spent about 30 minutes trying to fix the problem, according to WRVA-TV. The wasn’t ultimately able to fix the problem, but his efforts certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

In fact, the kind officer made such an impression on Thacker, she decided to shared about the incident on Facebook.

Some of those commenting on the post said they’ve experienced similar pleasant encounters with Officer Jenkins.

This officer went out of his way to help someone when he didn’t have to, and is getting the recognition he deserves. These kinds of actions make lifelong impressions.

Yet, you won’t hear Black Lives Matter thugs or their media allies discussing what this officer did because it doesn’t promote their anti-police agenda that claims white cops are out to get black people.

This story proves just how wrong they are.

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