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Mother Jones is just a bunch of leftist loons.

Hyperbole is no substitute for reality, and should not be allowed to go unchallenged when collectivists use it to attack our rights. (Bev Fitchett’s Guns Magazine)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “A GOP bill deregulating silencers could have ‘devastating effects’ on public safety, law enforcement leaders say,” an hysterical SHARE Act hit piece by Mother Jones claims. Of course it is and of course they do.

Still, thanks, motherjonesers, for once more confirming that Democrats are anti-gun — at least as far as We the People are concerned.

The overtly socialist Mother Jones has consistently been a mouthpiece for the control lobby and for citizen disarmament, and they’re playing an easily-spooked herd that believes the Hollywood silent assassin hype. What could be more Opposite Day “progressive” than posing as egalitarians while propagandizing for a more powerful state and opposing the single most effective means of true power sharing, the right of the people to keep and bear arms?

It’s interesting they admit up front that crimes using suppressors are rare, and for their anecdotal example cite one incident in a greater rampage by a former member of law enforcement — one who, incidentally, shared the goals of both Mother Jones and those “law enforcement leaders.” Ex-“Only One” Christopher Dorner wanted to ban suppressors too, along with semi-automatics and normal capacity magazines.  He was also a big fan of Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Obama, and he detested the NRA.

Enforcers going rogue should not define the rights of free people. That would be like saying we can’t have handguns because panicky cops searching for Dorner shot the hell out of a newspaper delivery truck and narrowly missed killing innocent women who were just trying to earn a meager living.

It’s also interesting that the “leaders” all for infringing the Second Amendment consist of a former ATF careerist and the “Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense.” Guess who employs the first and enables the second? And since when do oath-breaking enforcers beholden to urban Democrat administrations get to impose their failed edicts on the people not responsible for the bloody mess their policies have made inevitable?

Next up on the Mother Jones hit list is the somehow objectionable fact that opening up the market will create significant new economic opportunities. Horrors.

Excellent point. (American Suppressor Association)

The revelation that “SilencerCo, the nation’s largest manufacturer of gun suppressors, was reportedly forced to lay off approximately 50 percent of its workforce” is supposed to reinforce the “Trump Slump” meme. That’s despite a National Shooting Sports Foundation official noting the Obama years (with an apparent-at-the-time Hillary ascendancy) were aberrations for industry sales, and “evidence indicates 2017 could be the second or third highest year for background checks in the past two decades.”

It figures big promoters of cultural and political terraforming by flooding the country with “pathway to citizenship” foreign nationals would be against jobs Americans will do.

The hit piece wraps up by preposterously implying that hearing a “blam” is what let Republican congressmen know a lunatic was shooting at them. A lunatic who, by the way, shared the same socialist politics as Mother Jones…

And the thing is, of course it’s not just them. You can find all kinds of “editorials” repeating the same talking points.  For instance:

“What if millions of people get gun silencers?” The Huffington Post breathlessly asks.

Well, millions of people own guns and never use them to hurt a soul. Infringing on their rights will have no effect on those who do, although you can bet the blood dancers will be out in force to gleefully exploit criminal misuse of a suppressor at the first opportunity.

And you can also bet all kinds of other “common sense gun safety laws” will have been ignored.

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