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Hopefully his punk ass will be locked up for a long time.
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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WBRZ TV 2 reports 09-07-17 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a local man is facing multiple charges including armed robbery after putting a gun to a man’s head in his front yard and demanding money just after midnight on Wednesday.

The incident took place at a residence on East Brookstown Drive. The victim told authorities he was in his front yard when someone walked up behind him and put a gun to his head.

The suspect, identified as a local 18-year-old, then demanded money from the victim. He lead the victim into the residence to retrieve the money when a struggle over the gun broke out between the two. During the struggle, authorities say the 18-year-old pulled the trigger and shot his victim in the left hand.

The victim was able to gain control over the gun and lead the suspect back into the front yard. He held the would-be home invader at gunpoint until authorities arrived at the scene.

Authorities discovered the gun used by criminal had been reported stolen. He is charged with armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated second-degree battery, and possession of a stolen firearm.


A fortunate result for the intended victim. An unarmed resident, although wounded, takes the gun away from his attacker and the holds him for police.

It’s so much easier if you bring your own gun to the fight.

The story details say the victim’s hand injury was to his middle finger. Is it possible he got shot flipping the robber off? If that is the case, you gotta love his attitude!

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