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From Daniel Flynn at Breitbart

Che Guevara grew up the eldest son of a privileged Argentine family. He excelled at chess, read from his family’s 3,000-volume library, and competed in rugby, golf, and other sports. After years of study, he became a medical doctor in 1953. The man who once healed people of their bodily maladies then turned to healing them of their ideological defects. He did this with the gun as his surgical instrument as a Hessian revolutionary in Cuba.

“In the resistance, Guevara soon became commander of a detachment,” The Black Book of Communism reports, “quickly gaining a reputation for ruthlessness: a child in his guerilla unit who had stolen a little food was immediately shot without trial.” Once in power, Guevara started the island nation’s first “corrective work camp,” presided over mass, summary executions, and established “voluntary” labor on Sundays.

Though the bearded, bereted motorcyclist wins a…

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