Gun Culture 2.0

In my last post-Las Vegas massacre post, I distinguished between mass public killings (e.g., the Pulse Night Club shooting, the Nice truck attack, the Manchester concert bombing), mass murders (all of the above plus, e.g., Charles Manson, Richard Speck, Joel Smith, Jason Dej-Odoum), and mass shootings (all of the above plus, e.g., the drive by shooting injuring 5 people at a south Houston club yesterday).

Because mass shootings – newly defined as a large number of people injured (including killed) by gunfire (typically 4 or more, as in the Gun Violence Archive) – are a new category of phenomena and I have limited time, I won’t comment on those. The Washington Post, however, has recently acknowledge the definitional challenge I have been addressing.

Because the mass public killings that are so much on everyone’s minds are actually a subset of all mass murders, I will begin with mass…

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