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Virginia you have a dictator that wants to confiscate your firearms it is up to you to stop this thug before he becomes governor or lose your Second Amendment Rights.

Democrats, Justin Fairfax (r) and Tim Kaine agree on more gun control.

Virginia – -(Ammoland.com)- Virginia Lieutenant Governor candidate Justin Fairfax, who is getting funds from Michael Bloomberg, has been pushing gun control since he announced his candidacy.

You know how the antis are always brushing us off saying, “no one wants to take your guns away” ?

Well, Fairfax appears to be calling for the CONFISCATION OF CERTAIN FIREARMS already owned by law-abiding citizens, based on a PodCast interview by anti-rights Delegate Mark Levine!

In the recording Fairfax says, “I think we absolutely have to look at these either converted automatic weapons or essentially automatic weapons and take a look at getting those out of civilian hands and getting those off the street.”

Converting a semi-automatic firearm into a machine gun is already illegal and will get you 10 years at Club Fed.

But “essentially automatic weapons” ? Is he referring to semi-automatic firearms? If so, is he calling for the confiscation of ALL semi-automatics or just some?

I think it is clear that “getting those out of civilian hands and getting those off the street” is without a doubt confiscation from existing gun owners.

Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax on Banning Guns
Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax on Banning Guns

Justin Fairfax clearly knows nothing about guns (in the PodCast he says that a “modified” semi-automatic rifle can fire 180 rounds PER SECOND. That is 10,800 rounds per minute! Even a military minigun can only fire 6,000 rounds per minute).

This guy wants to control our gun laws?

Earlier this year, Fairfax called for a “gun insurance” mandate where every law-abiding gun owner would be required to buy government-mandated insurance in order to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights or pay a stiff fine every year. A modern ‘poll tax’?


  • Contact Justin Fairfax and urge him to answer the VCDL Statewide Candidate survey, which was mailed to him during the Primaries and in mid-September. You can contact him at info@fairfaxforlg.org.
  • Call Senator Jill Vogel, who is running against Fairfax, at (540) 905-4844 and thank her for her 100% voting record on gun rights and for answering her VCDL survey “Very Pro-Gun.”
  • Forward this article to your gun-owning friends and post this information to the forums and message boards. Encourage your friends to subscribe to VA-ALERT, follow VCDL, and volunteer with us at the gun shows so we can continue keeping Virginia’s gun owners informed about these unprecedented attacks on our rights.

You can hear Fairfax’s complete comments in the PodCast by clicking here AND going to the 22:45 minute mark. His comments run until the 25:06 mark:


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