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These four assassins prove what I have said before Liberalism is a mental disease.


Question: What do you call all four of the American presidential assassins?

Answer: Leftists.

A quick look back seems to indicate that all four of these men shared liberal thoughts and practices.

John Wilkes Booth, who shot President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, exhibited leftist ideology through his support of slavery, a hallmark of the historical Democrat Party. He joined a Virginia militia and also served as a secret agent for the Confederacy. He also first conspired to kidnap Lincoln before he assassinated him, according to Biography.com.

Charles J. Guiteau, who shot President James A. Garfield in 1881, was what History.com described as a drifter, moving from one town tho the next. Guiteau might have associated himself with the Republican party but his background certainly didn’t look like a typical Republican. In fact, he seemed more attracted to groups that practiced leftist theologies.

For example, at one point in his life, Guiteau lived in a free love commune, The Oneida Community, a perfectionist community which challenged contemporary social views on property ownership, gender roles, child-rearing, monogamous marriage, and work. Guiteau was also mentally unstable, as History.com reported that he believed that his mission to kill the president was sent from God.

Leon Frank Czolgosz shot President William McKinley in 1901. Czolgosz grew up poor and was apparently angered by the disparity between the rich and the poor.

Looking for some kind of answer, Czolgosz turned toward socialist and anarchist teachings, according to Biography.com. It is worth noting that Czolgosz was also reportedly mentally unstable.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot president John F. Kennedy in 1963, was so interested in socialism that he defected to the Soviet Union, according to Biography.com. The self-described Marxist returned to Dallas, Texas, in 1962, and also visited Mexico and attempted to visit the socialist haven of Cuba before returning to Texas to kill the president.

It is eerie that these men would all share the common denominator of leftist thinking.