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These are numbers the lamestream media will report about guns vs knives.

Every time a major shooting occurs, the knee-jerk reaction is to ban “assault” rifles.

It’s not like the media even knows what “assault” rifles are (there’s really no such thing on the civilian market, but darned if they don’t trot out the term each time a mass shooting occurs). Still, they’re entirely convinced that scads of murders could be prevented if these phantom weapons were banned.

Unfortunately, even in a world where civilian “assault rifles” and unicorns existed and could both be purchased by anyone, such measures wouldn’t exactly do very much. At least, not unless they’re willing to go after the fine people at Wusthof, as well.

Yes, it turns out that four times as many people are killed by knives than by rifles of any kind — including semi-automatics, the type of weapon usually passed as a civilian “assault rifle” when the chimerical category is discussed.

According to Breitbart, the FBI Uniform Crime Report noted that while 374 people were killed by rifles of any type in 2016, knives claimed 1,604 lives.

That’s about the same as it was in 2015, when rifles and shotguns were used to kill 548 people while knives were used to kill 1,573.

Knife crime is on the rise, and the only conclusion is obvious: It’s time for Ginsu control.

Let’s face facts, people. Do you really need a knife powerful enough to cut through a tin can? And not only that, it’s so powerful that after it cuts through the tin can, it can actually slice through a tomato with the greatest of ease.

Look at this raw footage of one of these assault knives in action from 1980: