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The left would like nothing more than to repeal the Second Amendment.

The left would like nothing more than to repeal the Second Amendment.


USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Remember the Grateful Dead? I was never a fan of their music, in fact, when I went to Simsbury High School in 1978-1980 I almost got my ass kicked a few times by a couple of die-hard Dead fans for letting on that I hated the band. (There were lots of Jerry Garcia fans there at the time)

Sorry, they never floated my boat, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to like their music, except one or two songs. I do however remember some lyrics from their song “Truckin” that for some weird reason yesterday popped into my head and reminded me of this eternal fight for gun rights:

Lately it occurred to me, what a long strange, trip it’s been.”

I’m going to do my best to explain. My radio program (Armed American Radio) is nearing its tenth year on the airwaves and shows no signs of slowing its growth anytime soon. During those years of programming, the majority of them were spent in the Obama years.

Of course that socialist was (is) an avowed, world-class, gun-hater and those of us in the pro-rights community were never duped by his “soaring rhetoric” and his phony photo ops at Camp David pretending to be a “shooter.” While the leftist media did his bidding by surreptitiously covering for him during his first term and effectively ignoring his hatred for gun rights in any of their coverage of him, those of us with active brain cells knew they (Obama and his slobbering media) were simply waiting for the right moment to pounce.

On December, 14th 2012 Adam Lanza gave them the opportunity they were waiting for at Sandy Hook, and it was “game on.”

Fake picture of Obama Skeet Shooting

Obama and his phony photo ops at Camp David pretending to be a “shooter”…LOL As is typical of America hating, socialist Democrats, the left wasted no time in unleashing their anti-gun fury on us before the bodies of those children were removed from the Sandy Hook Elementary school. (Ironically, only 54 miles from where I graduated High School in Simsbury CT) Obama gave the green light and used his

second term to focus on destroying gun rights, and the resulting attacks against decent, law-abiding gun owners have continued unabated and relentlessly, since. Notorious freedom-hater and obnoxious former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg opened his fat wallet and a ragtag but well-funded group of liars was formed. They are not going away. They are also never going to tell you their real agenda.

A brilliantly written piece by the editors of the Weekly Standard on October 16th titled Let’s Have A Real Debate On Guns echoes what I’ve been thinking for a while now, and have opined on my show on more than one occasion since Newtown: now is the time to get the gun-grabbers to say it:

Yet gun-control proponents persist in this charade. Why? Because their real aim—an outright ban on all civilian use of handguns and most rifles—would require a repeal of the Second Amendment. They can’t or won’t call for such a repeal because, for all their brandishing of opinion polls and claims to speak for the majority, they stand no chance of accomplishing it. It’s not impossible to repeal an amendment. The Eighteenth Amendment, establishing Prohibition, was repealed by the Twenty-First in 1933. But it’s impossible to repeal a popular amendment, and Americans like guns and value the Second Amendment far too much to consider excising it from the Constitution.

While they hide their true intentions, their ultimate goal of confiscation works against them and if we can extract from them an admission of what they want, we can end their movement forever. They are well aware of that fact. We know what they want, they know what they want, and we both know why they can’t say it, for if they expose their goal of confiscating every gun in America, their movement is finished.

As this becomes more obvious with each mass murder, I believe, it is now incumbent upon us to help the left along by forcing their hand.

Make them say what they want. Rather than go the split screen, fight back and forth, phony debate route, engage them in a discussion by making them believe you want to hear their thoughts. Test this for yourself. We all know someone who feels rather than thinks, and I have tested this theory in my own life with relatives and others. Avoid the urge to argue, instead, tilt your head, look them square in the eyes and ask them, sincerely, what is it you propose? Let them know you care about their thoughts. Ask them what current law, anywhere in America would have worked to stop the Vegas killer if it were enacted in Nevada.

When they start by suggesting “expanded background checks,” (and they will), ask them if they are talking about the same background checks the Vegas killer (and every other mass murderer) has passed. You will lead them right down the road to eventually admitting that no law will stop a dedicated murderer. If they are having trouble coming to that inevitable conclusion, remind them that Dianne Feinstein herself said that no law would have stopped the Vegas murderer.

Tell them the only way to “do something” useful would be to repeal the Second Amendment and confiscate all privately owned guns. Make them say what you already know they want.

This will be easy to do with a dopey relative or woefully misinformed coworker but when we can get the leaders of the phony “gun safety” or “gun violence prevention” movement to tell us what they honestly think, we will eventually shut them up, for doing so efficiently ends their game.


We will prevail and when we do, you can look back like I have been and think to yourself what a long strange trip it’s been.