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Stephen Dietrich, Managing Editor

Last Thursday, CNN blasted President Donald Trump and told readers he was “peddling a conspiracy theory” when he suggested that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party were behind the debunked Trump-Russia dossier.

Just six days later, the controversial news network is suddenly singing a totally different tune.

On Oct. 19, Trump tweeted —

CNN responded to the president’s statement with a scathing editorial titled, “Donald Trump just suggested the FBI, Democrats and Russia might all be co-conspirators.” In it, CNN’s editor-at-large Chris Cillizza dismissed the President of the United States as little more than a conspiracy theorist. He wrote —

“But even by Trump standards, this morning’s tweet is somewhat remarkable. He is suggesting that a dossier prepared by a former member of British intelligence has not only been totally discredited … but that it might have been funded by some combination of Russia, the Democratic…

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