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Short Title:  The End of North Korea,”

“I decided not to use the video from Japan’s TV Asahi as it was in Japanese.

Most experts agree that North Korea could have a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile.

A report that the North had “miniaturized” its warheads caused a public furor, but many experts already believed the North has a compact weapons design.(Source)

In 2016, the North Koreans released pictures of leader Kim Jong Un standing before a miniaturized nuclear device.

Dubbed the “disco-ball of death” by some analysts, the device was probably just a mock-up.

Kim has walked his country to the precipice leaving western nations to take out his entire country because Kim has clearly shown he too childish to be trusted with his toys in the nuclear sand box.

It’s not a matter of it, but when.

God hope President Trump chooses…

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