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I promise you that if he is not placed in segregation when he gets to prison Momodu Gondo will either become somebody’s punk or he will be killed. 

Baltimore Police Department

Former Baltimore police detective Momodu Gondo is detailing how he and other members of an elite “Gun Trace Task Force” (GTTF) robbed city residents while on the job.

The robberies he described included home invasions and taking citizens’ property while executing search warrants.

According to WBAL, Gondo confessed to stealing “probably $100,000” in drugs, cash, and firearms. He is one of eight members of the GTTF facing federal charges for the alleged robberies and invasions and theft of overtime as well. He agreed to testify against the other members in hopes of receiving a reduced sentence.

He testified that his partner, Jemell Rayam, was especially focused on home invasions, that “he had experience running into people’s homes to rob [them].” Gondo said they would use a tracking device to know when the homeowner was away; that is when they would go inside:

Gondo said Rayam & drug dealer pulled home invasion of drug dealer after they used a BPD tracking device to know when target wasn’t home

Gondo reportedly admitted to “[filing] false arrest reports to cover stealing money from people.” He and Rayam both testified that they robbed people while on the job. Rayam said, “Most of our robberies were as police officers, so we weren’t too worried about getting caught.”

Gondo also described how easy it was to manipulate overtime pay. He said that there might be nights where “half the squad might be off, the other half working. [But] if they got a gun, [they] all got paid.”