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The whiny assed liberals will STFU they will keep spewing their uninformed and uneducated bull shit.

Here’s my advice for the doctor, if all you can do is feel rather think and you’re unwilling to seek the truth before putting it in print consider doing us all a favor and STFU.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- I am so over morons. Day after day we are subjected to non-stop bloviating from the whiny liberal masquerading as “one of us” hiding behind the “I grew up around guns,” nonsense.

You see it in columns, editorials, and letters to the editor, TV commentary, etc. The claim supposedly giving the writer or speaker some moral authority over the rest of America’s 100 MILLION plus, gun owners by the fact he/she supposedly “grew up around guns.”

Big f#@&ing deal. Yay for you and the white horse you rode in on Tonto. (Oh, I hope I didn’t offend any Indians…oops, I meant to say Native Americans…Oh wait, I was born here, I’m a Native American. You get the idea!) If in fact you did “grow up around guns,” then you’re well aware of how they are used safely, proficiently and lawfully by millions of other Americans every single day, for all those things you did with them while you were growing up. That would also include hundreds, if not thousands of cases of self-defense. I’m not here to give you a pass anymore, whacko. You would be aware of that fact if you had seen a doctor before allowing the mental disease of liberalism to fester inside your brain long enough to overtake any cognitive skills you may have had, before your infection.

Here’s the real deal;

I don’t really give a damn about where you’re from, how you grew up or what you did for the last 50 years before you wrote your unhinged letter, ill-informed column or dishonest editorial.

I don’t care if you hunted, I don’t care if you fished, I don’t care if your first sexual experience was in a cabin in the woods with another member of the same sex. I don’t care about what kind of car you drove, whether you’re white, black, green or from another planet. I don’t care if you love sushi, steak or little foo-foo platters or stay up late to watch Jimmy Kimmel. Get it? Don’t. Care.

I’ll assume you also grew up around cars, baseball bats, knives, rocks, bricks, tire irons, metal pipes, fists, and a whole bunch of other stuff that could have easily ended someone’s life if used improperly. (and in fact, do every single day) Guess what? So did the rest of us, pal. Frankly, I’ve had enough of you intellectually dishonest blowhards who have decided that it’s high time to “do something” while offering nothing more than meaningless statements such as we “have to do something” while offering absolutely NOTHING in the form of that “something” you insist be done.

You may find some gun-rights supporters willing to entertain you by pretending there is a “debate” about the right to bear arms and whether or not we should discuss finding some “common ground” or “compromise” to placate you liberals. The truth is that the vast majority of us are sick and tired of hearing you run your mouths offering nothing but empty rhetoric. Until you have a solution (which you won’t) to stop gangbangers and mass murderers from committing crimes, and I mean a solution, not some feel good, cliched, bumper sticker logic that reads like an Everytown for Gun Safety bullet point, do us all a favor and just stay quiet.

Seriously, and while I know, many of you feel the same way I do, realize that you’re not alone. There are millions upon millions of American’s who understand that guys like crybaby Jimmy Kimmel all the way over to the Dallas Morning News opinion writer (Dr. John Anthony Herring) who penned this nonsense, make our case for us:

“A silencer is a device that is attached to a gun in order to virtually eliminate the sound of the gun and the “muzzle flash” that accompanies the bullet. If the Las Vegas shooter had used a silencer, people would have just continued to fall over with no evident cause for heaven knows how long. No one would have known in which direction to look, and no flash would have been seen.”

“In reaction to the mass shooting, Congress quickly pulled a bill that would have made silencers legal. This might seem like a moot point now, but it is anything but.

Think for a minute about what this bill signifies. Who would sponsor such a bill: the Lobby of Murders? Or perhaps the Order of Organized Crime, or, perish the thought, maybe the National Rifle Association?”

“There are many gray areas relative to gun control, but there are also clear needs for regulation. No civilian needs a high-powered repeating rifle like the AK-47. There are people who are known threats who should not own guns.

Also there are clear examples of successful gun control. Australia, a country with as high a percentage of gun owners as the U.S., was able to implement effective and fair gun laws that dramatically reduced gun violence.”

The man who wrote the piece is a highly educated Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and former Chief of Staff at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for 34 years. (banging down a cool $485,941.00 according to Paycheck Peeking-D Magazine, June 2006) One would think he would do a little research (hell ANY research, for that matter) before writing a column that made him look like, well, a moron.

Come on, man. You’re proof positive that no amount of book smart can fix liberal stupidity.

Here’s my advice for the doctor and anyone else who can’t wrap their heads around the facts, if all you can do is feel rather think and you’re unwilling to seek the truth before putting it in print, on the air or online, consider doing us all a favor and STFU.


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