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The left will never accept gun control will not and does not work.

Gun Control Won’t Work, So We Need More Gun Control


U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- I admit my guilt, I take calls and interviews from/with gun control groups to explain how gun owners feel about firearms’ related issues. Right after the Las Vegas shooting I was called twice and swapped e-mails with several authors from one of the most active gun control websites. I found them to be nice people, and a few even dedicated to fairness, but buy, and large I was in disagreement with their sentiments and their views. On firearms and the NRA, they are naive.

They use the name NRA as their collective name for all things pro-gun owner rights. They see the NRA as a deep dark, secretive organization that is a front for gun manufacturers and that acts as the media arm of the GOP. If a topic or article can be spun to make the NRA look bad, they do. If they cannot blame the NRA, they blame DJT. Their collective view of who and what the NRA is is bizarre to anyone who knows the organization.

So you want some examples? Well, here they are.

When Jeff Session was a US Attorney, he prosecuted convicted felons, who were arrested with firearms on them and added a gun possession charge to their sentencing. This added to their time in jail. The left thinks this is wrong as it puts more minorities in prison and that this is a racist policy. Gun owners say get armed felons off the street.

U.S. Incarceration Rates by Race and Ethnicity, 2010
U.S. Incarceration Rates by Race and Ethnicity, 2010

They say cracking down on drugs will not reduce gun violence. Forgetting the FBI UCR will tell you 86% of ALL shooting deaths are gang and drug-related. (That’s the FBI’s Unified Crime Report)

They rightly point out that 25% of the gun used in shooting in Chicago were sold by ten dealers, and they want those dealers forced out of business. Forgetting the fact that the criminals will just find another source and that the person doing the straw purchase is the real criminal, not the gun dealer. I’d suggest the dealers work with the AFT to put the straw purchasers in jail. Oops… there’s that complaint again that the right just wants to jail black men. What they get wrong is that we want criminals jailed, their race does not matter to us.

The last issue is one that just makes me laugh. The NRA is pushing Carry Guard; that is liability insurance for gun owners. The left has often DEMANDED all gun owners have liability insurance. So here you have the NRA promoting a program EXACTLY like the one the left has called for and what does the anti-gun-left do? Complain about the NRA and their promoting liability insurance for gun owners.

It is not about the insurance; it is about bashing the NRA.

It is not about getting armed felons off the street; it is about not putting minorities in prison.

It is not about stopping illegal firearm purchases; it is about closing gun stores.

At almost every turn it is about supporting a liberal agenda by bashing the NRA.

There is no act the NRA could ever do that would be positive that would not be twisted or ignored by this group. They don’t even know who the NRA is!

So my dear friends on the left here are the facts you ignore.

53% of all shooting deaths are by black men under 30. That’s 3% of the population doing more than ½ the killing.

86% of ALL shootings are gang and drug-related.

U.S. Homicide Gun Deaths per 1 million people ages 15-34 in 2014
U.S. Homicide Gun Deaths per 1 million people ages 15-34 in 2014

The cause of gun violence is the failure of the large urban centers to provide jobs and a future for inner city youth, the breakdown of the family and failed schools. These larger cities’ failure, all run by you lefties, is the cause of most of the shooting in the country. Gun violence is a black problem in America, an inner-city problem. For most of America gun violence is what we see on the news.

Without these urban killings, the US would look like Iceland or Switzerland matching their murder rate.
Some of you on the left do what you do to save lives, and you should come over to our side. The rest of you are just left-wing activists using the NRA as a whipping boy.

To us – ALL LIVES MATTER. Not just white people. Got it?

Unemployment is as low as it’s been in 17 years
Unemployment is as low as it’s been in 17 years

The table to the left. JOBS and future will reduce inner-city shooting. One of you lefties should be saying “Thank You” to Donald Trump. Unemployment is as low as it’s been in 17 years!

But that is not what it is about, is it? It is about politics for you on the left, not making America strong or creating jobs for EVERYONE!

We all agree that more can be done to protect women and children. That’s why we have Eddie Eagle and Women on Target and Refuse to be a Victim from the NRA. You on the left may not agree with us; you may even see some nefarious evil plan in these actions. I say telling children to “Stop” “Leave the area” “Tell an Adult” as good things to teach a child when they find a gun.

Lastly…I have a young woman student who’s abusive ex-boyfriend has threatened her and violated a restraining order. There are locks and alarms on her doors and windows; she’s gone through the “Refuse to be a Victim” course to help to keep her safe. There is a lock on her bedroom door, and a high-powered flashlight and charged cellphone next to her bed. There is also a gun on her nightstand. The average police response time is a fast 8 minutes in her community. She’d be dead by the time the police arrive without her having a gun. He doesn’t need a gun to kill her; he’s 2X her size. Nothing the anti-gun left offers could save her life. NOTHING! But we can, the NRA and American gun owners can. That is empowering women.

God made men and women, Samuel Colt made women equal.

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