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I hope all of their stores close.

Last year, retail giant Target angered conservatives with its transgender bathroom policy.

Customers boycotted the company and, as one would expect, sales plummeted and stock prices dropped. The retailer hoped to curb some of that frustration by adding a private, single-stall bathroom to every one of its facilities.

But it would appear that gesture was too little, too late.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that the retailer will be closing a dozen under-performing stores nationwide.

The chain said the closings were part of a of process refining its stores and focusing on smaller-format stores.

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The stores being closed are in Lauderhill, Florida; Macon, Georgia; Harper Woods, Michigan; Benton Harbor, Michigan; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; Hastings, Minnesota; Hutchinson, Kansas; Slidell, Louisiana; Matteson, Illinois; Romeoville, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Antonio, Texas.

The stores are set to shutter after the holidays on Feb. 3.

“We have a rigorous process in place to evaluate the performance of every store on an annual basis, closing or relocating underperforming locations as needed,” a spokeswoman for the retailer told CNBC.

She added that a store is generally closed as a result of several years of decreasing profitability.

“It’s not a decision we make lightly,” Target spokeswoman Kristy Welker told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

“We have a really rigorous process in place in evaluating the performance of a store in deciding when to close or relocate a store. We close a store after seeing several years of decreasing profitability,” she added.

While we cannot know with certainty that these closings are the direct result of the retailer’s politically correct stances, we can be fairly certain that those moves did nothing to secure customer faith in the company, and it’s easy for customers to take their business elsewhere.

That’s exactly what conservative shoppers did when they felt Target did not take their concerns seriously.

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You would think that companies looking to force liberal agendas on their costumers would learn their lesson after they begin hemorrhaging money.

But liberals can be dense sometimes.

Maybe one day, these left-leaning companies will learn that political correctness doesn’t pay.

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