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As gun owners we must remain vigilant. 


There’s a reason that the term “going viral” is used to describe memes: A single idea can spread rapidly and infect an entire culture, just as a single virus can impact an entire body.

Right now, there is a strong anti-gun narrative that the left is trying to spread throughout the American culture. It seems innocent enough, and is predictably rolled out any time there is a news event that involves guns.

The message is simple: No American needs an AR-15. After all, “assault weapons” are military tools, the anti-gun crowd claims, and who could possibly be against keeping scary military-looking guns out of the hands of criminals?

The problem is that gun grabbers never stop there. It isn’t ever about just taking one type of firearm out of people’s hands… and now a powerful meme is spreading throughout the Internet that perfectly summarizes this problem.

Variations of the meme image have been created and shared by several outlets, including The Federalist Papersand the National Association for Gun Rights.

The message is simple: “First they came for the AR-15s. And I said nothing because I don’t own AR-15s. Then they came for the hunting rifles, and I said nothing because I don’t hunt.”

“Then they came for the handguns, and I said nothing because I don’t like handguns. Then they came for the shotguns and there was no one left to speak for me.”


The meme, of course, is based on the famous poem written by Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller, who watched the rise of Nazism in 1930s Germany. Niemöller was arrested and imprisoned in 1937, and was not released until Allied soldiers finally ended the war in 1945.

That famous poem referenced the trend of private citizens ignoring the infringement of their neighbors’ rights until there is nobody left to defend the remaining citizens. The original saying is about cultural groups such as Jews and trade workers, but the premise can also apply to gun rights.

After all, arms owned by citizens were confiscated by the Nazis during the Third Reich, both in Germany and in occupied countries.

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms,” Hitler himself declared in 1942.

Like the slow round-up of “undesirable” individuals in 1930s Germany, America’s proto-fascists on the left know that they have to move one step at a time. A push to instantly confiscate every firearm would be disastrous, and even the most ardent anti-Second Amendment person knows it.

Instead, those who want to disarm the American people do so gradually, using “well-meaning” and “common sense” gun control measures.

First it may be “evil” AR-15s — “assault rifles,” in liberal parlance — which are in fact the most common type of sport and self-defense rifle in the U.S. today. Next it might be long-range rifles, which the left will no doubt be labeled “sniper rifles” or something similarly scary.

Handguns could be next, and then — by the time Americans have realized that they are nearly disarmed — the means of resisting both crime and tyranny are gone.

To be clear, this is not meant as fear-mongering, or to imply that every anti-gun liberal is secretly a Nazi. In truth, there are some leftists who genuinely believe that making guns illegal would lower crime. A mother of three who attends a gun control rally is probably simply misguided and misinformed, not evil.

Americans need to be on guard against the “slippery slope” of gun bans. History has shown that a disarmed populace is quickly dominated… and ignoring that lesson would be a grave mistake.