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These comments by this reporterette just proves how ignorant of firearms the drive by media really is.

It is a well known and indisputable fact that the bulk of the mainstream media are opposed to the Second Amendment and firearms in general.

Whether this is because they are predisposed to oppose guns by being predominantly left-wing liberals, or are simply just ignorant of firearms in general, is somewhat beside the point — as most media figures don’t know or understand guns at all.

Case in point is a short snippet of video from an NBC4 Columbus news report on the debate over gun laws in Ohio, in which the reporter made an incredibly glaring mistake that highlights the media’s bias, ignorance, or stupidity — or all of the above, according to Bearing Arms.

The reporter stated, “Take a look at this video used to shoot a watermelon with an AR-15.”

Poor grammar aside (it’s not the video that’s being used to do the shooting), did you notice anything about the firearm used to shoot the watermelon in that video? Despite what the reporter said, it was most definitely notan AR-15.

Rather, it was quite obviously a standard 12-gauge pump-action shotgun — we say obviously because, well, the guy in the video actually racked the pump to load a round prior to demolishing the unfortunate fruit.

Further, the big red plastic hull of the spent shell was clearly seen being ejected from the chamber as the man racked the shotgun once more after shooting the watermelon. Big red plastic shotgun shells look quite a bit different from the spent small brass casings ejected by a semi-automatic rifle like an AR-15.

And technicalities aside, an AR-15 doesn’t even look like a shotgun.

Of course, we can’t say for sure if this is an honest mistake or laziness. Perhaps the reporter neglected to review the footage prior to reading the script for her report, or maybe she simply can’t tell the difference. It’s also possible that this was a deliberately misleading report intended to confuse viewers or promote an anti-AR-15 viewpoint.

I mean, “It totally destroyed that watermelon … imagine what it could do to a person!” or something like that.

Were this a solitary example of media stupidity regarding firearms, perhaps it could be overlooked or just chuckled at, but this is actually just the latest example of arrogant ignorance on display by the media when it comes to firearms.

Recall USA Today’s insanely stupid video in the aftermath of the Sutherland Springs church massacre in Texas, in which the newspaper highlighted various modifications that can be added to an AR-15 to ostensibly make it “more deadly.”

The Daily Wire, among many others, noted that the idiotic legacy media outlet had chosen a “chainsaw bayonet” attachment to include in their video — a modification, mind you, for video games and those preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

That USA Today video spurred quite a bit of hilarious fun at news organization’s expense by proponents of guns, particularly AR-15s, who are actually knowledgeable about the kinds of modifications typically found on most such rifles.

At its best, this clip calling a pump-action shotgun an AR-15 is irresponsible “journalism.” At its worst, it is nothing short of blatant and disgusting anti-gun propaganda. We will leave that to our readers to decide.