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When these racist messages are actually investigated they were not left by a white person.

On Nov. 15, a racist message scrawled upon a mirror in a high school girls’ restroom near St. Louis, Missouri, prompted great concern and hand-wringing from local activists and authorities.

However, according to The Washington Times, the racist message turned out to be a hoax, like so many others that have occurred over the past year.

In fact, an investigation by the school into who had written a message that declared “White Lives Matter N*****” resulted in a “non-white” student admitting to writing the despicable message.

“The student responsible is not white, however this does not diminish the hurt it caused or the negative impact it has had on our community,” Parkway Central High School Superintendent Keith Marty stated, according to the St. Lois Post-Dispatch.

“The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy,” Marty continued.

He proceeded to add that “it is important to understand why this happened and why we are often quick to assume who is responsible.”

Such hoaxes are designed and specifically intended to provoke anger, distrust and fear along racial lines, and, some would argue, do worse damage to race relations overall than if the incident in question were indeed the work of a legitimately racist individual, as the hoaxers would like us all to believe.

According to KPLR, the guilty student confessed to writing the racist message, though the school has not disclosed the guilty party’s identity or what sort of punishment they will receive for violating the school’s disciplinary code.

“Our investigation into this incident led to a Central High student admitting to writing the message,” wrote Principal Timothy McCarthy in an email to the “PCH Community.”

“The actions of this student are a violation of our discipline code and the student will be held accountable within the parameters of the district’s discipline policy,” McCarthy continued.

“This incident caused significant harm to and within our school community by provoking feelings of hurt and distrust,” he added. “The use of the N-word, in the context of the message on the bathroom mirror, provoked feelings of hate, not love.”

Such hateful actions that do harm have no place in the school, or the broader community as a whole, the principal stressed.

“As we move forward, our efforts will be focused on repairing the harm we have experienced while deepening our sense of community,” McCarthy wrote. “Understanding, respect and love will continue to be our guideposts.”

“These are the values inherent in any successful and healthy school community; I believe these are the values we share within the PCH community,” he added.

Except those values apparently aren’t shared by all of the students of the school, nor are they actually shared by members of the political left in general, who would rather instigate and provoke more racial animosity through hoaxes.