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LENEXA, Kan. — An off-duty officer happened to be in the right place at the right time: the Costco on Marshall Drive in Lenexa around 11 a.m. Sunday.

Ryan Vacca said he was working at the Costco photo center when, “I was looking at the computer screen, and then I heard some commotion happening around me.”

Then, “I turned and looked at the front door and saw a guy walking in – just kind of yelling and screaming.” Vacca continued, “one of my co-workers told me to drop, and I did.”

Captain Wade Borchers of Lenexa police confirmed that a man walked into the store just after 11 a.m. Sunday morning, brandishing a firearm.

Moments later, terror drove the Costco crowds to the exits.

Except for one man. Among the many shoppers at the Lenexa Costco this major shopping weekend was an off-duty Kansas city…

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